Mindful Skincare

What you eat, how you use your time and how you direct your energy all have a direct impact on the quality of the life you lead. The art of mindfulness is reframing many people's attitudes and is finding ressonance in every facet of life. Even in skincare.

Knowing what you put on your skin and why you are putting it on is crucial. More than simply avoiding harmful synthetic chemicals it is an opportunity to embrace what you can identify as something you want for your body. Any internet search offers countless resources for research on how to purposefully engage with what you can expect from your skincare products. Find products with ingredients you understand and have an identifiable benefit. Your skin is your largest organ and it will absorb what ever ynou put on it. Think of it as ingesting whatever product you apply on yourself. That will help you reframe your approach.

Essential oils contain therapeutic agents in concentrated form. They are more easily absorbed into your skin because of their plant based origin. Unlike lab created synthetic compounds, essential oils will not be absorbed into your body in ways that may affect hormonal levels, for instance. The USDA Certified bergamot oil used in Enso Beauty Co.'s products contain flavonoids that reduce stress and anxiety. Bergamot essential oil also helps release the "feel good" hormones dopamine and serontonin, proven to aid in restful sleep and overall well being.