Questions that we have been asked about our products. If you have a question that is not on this page, please contact us and we will answer it ASAP. Thank you.


What is your refund policy? 🌿 Guaranteed healthier, more vibrant skin in 30 days or your money back.

Amla Sensitive Skin Cleanser-

Can I use it if I have oily skin or acne on my face? Yes, it is good for all skin types. We have had positive reviews from people with oily skin, acne or dry skin. They all say that it was a great face cleanser.

Can I use it if my face is dry? Yes, it is great on dry skin.

I think I have normal skin; can I use your cleanser? Yes! It will cleanse it gently without disturbing it’s normal quality.

Is it an oily cleanser? No, our cleanser is a gentle cleanser  that is not oily.

Why does your cleanser not have suds (bubbles)? Our cleanser is made without harmful chemicals that are present that make suds when lathered.  

What color is your cleanser? It is an earthy color, because it is not overly processed. 

What does your cleanser smell like?  It smells great! It smells citrusy combined with a hint of gentle bergamot.


Amla Revitalizing C Eye Cream-

What does your Amla Revitalizing C Eye Cream do? It creates a radiant under eyelid that looks refreshed, like you just been on a vacation.

How much do I need to apply? Just a few “pearl-size” drops on the lower eyelids.

When should I apply it? After your face is washed and before you apply any moisturizer. It’s so moisturizing that you may Not need any moisturer on your lower eyelids. Give it a few minutes to absorb on your skin.

What does your Revitalizing C Eye Cream smell like? It smells great! The scent is similar to our Skin Cleanser. Slightly citrusy with a hint of bergamot.